Family Friendly Winter Hiking Trails


Yes, there's still a lot to discover up in Door County during the winter months! Over the holiday break we were lucky enough to have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and a couple of hiking trails on our list to complete during our trip up north. We were very excited when we realized that both trails were easy enough to pull our toddler in a sled throughout the hike. 

Three Springs Nature Preserve

The first trail on our list was Three Springs Nature Preserve in Sister Bay (about 10 minutes from Beechwood Cottage). The trail was extremely well marked and the trees were absolutely stunning with snow on them.  Along the trail you run into some old structures including an old barn. My son was very excited to take a peek inside. Just after the barn you end up at the picturesque springs. They have a few benches for people to sit down, relax and really take in its beauty. 

Before going on this hike we knew there would be some nice photo opportunities but were pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful it was. This was our first of what we hope to be many winter hiking trails this season. The trail is 1.6 miles each way. If you are looking to shorten this hike there is a direct route back on the service road located by the barn. 

Toft Point Nature Area

The next day we decided to venture out and hike another natural area called Toft Point. Toft point is located in Baileys Harbor about 20 minutes from Beechwood Cottage. This trail features a variety of  stunning trees along its path. A portion of the trail goes along the shoreline with cobblestone beach lookout points along the way.  A great place to take photos, take a seat and enjoy the shoreline starting to freeze. 

One of our favorite parts of this hike was stopping and exploring the old guest cabins and barn that belonged to the Toft family years ago.  For more history of this land and the Toft family click here. This trail was about 2 miles round trip.

The winter conditions enhanced the true beauty of these Door County trails. We are excited to hike them again this summer to see the differences with the changing seasons!

*If you are looking for a great tool to use while planning your hikes in Door County download the Hiking Trails of Door County Land Trust App. 


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