Insta Worthy Scenic Spots in Door County

If you are coming to Door County wanting to capture its beauty, get ready to be overwhelmed by the endless photo opportunities. The nature and uniqueness of Door County is one of a kind.  If you are planning a visit to Door County and looking for great spots to take Instagram worthy photos make sure to check out the following locations (in no particular order):

Best Photo Ops In Door County

1. Peninsula State Park - This is one of my favorite spots to take people in Door County. The hiking is amazing (there are trails suitable for all skill levels), the beach is beautiful, great history and the views cannot be beat. One of our favorite spots to pull over for a great photo op is at Sven's Bluff scenic overlook. This spot is located on Skyline Road within the park. For directions and more information click here

2. Cave Point County Park - A great year round stop for photos. In the summer months you can capture stunning water views, sunrises and large crashing waves. In the winter you get a glimpse of how it looks when the water crashes and freezes on the rocks to form icicles. Cave Point is a great spot for anyone looking for an adventure, the park offers a great spot to kayak, hike and fish. 

3. Ellison Bluff State Natural Area - (located at 12050 Ellison Bluff Rd, Ellison Bay, WI - 5 minutes from Beechwood Cottage) A great spot to stop to capture the true beauty of the bluffs and water. The park offers picnic tables, water facing benches and a wooden walkway to safely get you down to the edge of the bluff (offering you the best photo opportunity). There is plenty of parking for visitors to make a quick stop or stay and enjoy a nice picnic lunch. For directions and park info click  here

4. Jens Jensen Road - This winding road is located after Gills Rock on Highway 42. To snap a good photo you will need to pull off on the side of the road. The fall is an absolutely gorgeous time to make the drive up north to see this. If you are planning a trip to Washington Island, the car ferry is located just after this windy stretch.

5. Anderson Warehouse & Dock - You can get stunning photos at Anderson Dock all year round. Below you will find a photo taken just as the water was starting to freeze for the winter. The warehouse is located in Ephraim and is known for its fun graffiti covered walls. Writing your name on the building has been a tradition for years for docking boaters. It's fun to walk around and see how many times you can find your name written on their by others. 


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